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The sale of a property always starts with a property valuation

Are you planning to sell your home? Get started by booking a free property valuation with your nearest Sp-Koti estate agent. Determining the right selling price is of paramount importance when selling a home. Too high a price will deter potential buyers and slow down sales.

You do not need to clean up or make repairs for the valuation. All you need to do is be there to open the door and share the background information of the property with the agent.

Our experienced and reliable Sp-Koti estate agent will evaluate your home for free and help you decide a good selling price, marketing method, and potential target group of buyers. Our estate agent will also advise you on what repairs might be good to carry out before starting the selling process.

A reasonably priced property attracts buyers

A reasonable asking price for your property is the best way to attract buyers and make quick deals. Sp-Koti estate agents know the local housing market and the price development of apartments in the area and are therefore best able to estimate the fair price of your home.

We actively market your home through a variety of channels to reach potential buyers looking for a new home in your area.

In addition to your own agent, your home can be sold by any Sp-Koti estate agent

At Sp-Koti, you can get your property for sale with the best estate agent in your area who knows the place and operates there. They will keep you informed of the progress of the sale as agreed. In addition to your own agent, all estate agents in the Sp-Koti chain can participate in the sale of your home. Our national network of more than 80 offices can really boost your sale.

Sp-Koti estate agent handles all matters related to property sales on your behalf. They are responsible for ordering mandatory documents, marketing the property, arranging viewings, and managing the offer stage, preparing the deed of sale, and the actual sale.

Update your mortgage at Savings Bank

If you require an additional loan when moving to a new house, you should ask our partner Savings Bank(You will switch to another service) about it. We work seamlessly with local savings banks that belong to the Savings Bank Group, and often the nearest bank branch can be found next door to Sp-Koti or even in the same premises.

Valuation documents are a paid valuation of a property or real estate

If you need a valuation document or statement for your property or real estate for a loan negotiation, estate inventory deed, deed of gift, partitioning, or another purpose, you can order one from a qualified Sp-Koti estate agent.

Valuation documents are official documents for which the licensed estate agent (LKV) carefully examines the property’s documents, verifies information from the authorities and visits the property to conduct an inspection. The valuation document is subject to a fee, and its costs are determined by the scope of the valuation.

A valuation statement is a written statement of the item’s current selling price that is shorter and less expensive than the valuation document. A written valuation is not always necessary. An oral view of the price alone may be sufficient for an estate inventory, for example.

In what situations do you need a written valuation?

Loan negotiations with a bank

The bank will ask you for a written valuation if you must pledge a property or real estate you own as collateral for a new bank loan. The bank will need a reliable estimate of the value of your home to determine the fair value of the collateral. The Sp-Koti estate agent will provide you with a written valuation

For the estate inventory

The estate inventory must be prepared within three months of death. An oral or written valuation of a property or real estate should always be ordered from an estate agent, because the fair value of the property or real estate indicated in the estate inventory determines the amount of inheritance tax to be paid to the shareholders of the estate.

When you donate your residential or real estate property

When donating a property or real estate, the fair value of the gift, i.e. the likely selling price on the day of the donation, must always be determined. The tax authority calculates the amount of future gift tax from the fair value of the gifted property. A valuation book prepared by an estate agent is a good indication of the fair value of the property.

Partition in the event of divorce

At the end of the marriage, the division of common property is clarified and agreed upon. The spouses can agree on the value of the property as they wish. Another option is to ask the estate agent to make a neutral assessment of the fair value of the property, i.e. the price that would be obtained by selling the property on the free market.