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Time to sell a property? Schedule a free assessment visit 

If you want to ensure the best possible price for your property and a successful property sale without any unfortunate aftermath, let the Sp-Koti estate agent who is aware with your residential area take care of the sale of your property.  

Sp-Koti is one of Finland’s largest national real estate brokerage chains, with superpowers such as strong local knowledge. Sp-Koti estate agents will handle the sale of the property from start to finish in a professional and reliable manner – in accordance with your wishes, good brokerage practice, and applicable laws. 

The sale of a property always starts with an assessment visit 

Sp-Koti’s assessment visit is free of charge and does not bind you to anything yet. Contact our nearest estate agent and ask them to visit so we can get started on selling your property right away. 

Determining the right selling price and method is important before you start the sale and marketing of your property. Too high a starting price will deter potential buyers and slow down sales. The price estimate provided by Sp-Koti estate agents is based not only on the condition of your property, but also on the general market situation at the time of sale and the price level of the properties in your area. 

Increased sales power from the national chain 

When you choose Sp-Koti for the sale of your property, your property can be sold by all the real estate agents in our chain in more than 80 locations around Finland in addition to your own broker.   

In addition, our partnership and ongoing cooperation with Savings Bank provides you with the opportunity to have your banking services tendered and to negotiate good property or renovation loan terms for your new home. Savings Bank branches are often located next to local Sp-Koti stores.

Please contact your nearest Savings Bank.(You will switch to another service)