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Bidding a property 

Sp-Koti’s bidding service offers excellent opportunities especially for the sale of properties that are in high demand or difficult to price due to their unique nature.  

Bidding is a trading method in which the sale of a property or real estate is started at a reasonably low debt-free starting price defined jointly by the broker and the seller of the property. The goal is to get as many people as possible interested in getting to know the property due to its low price.  

In bidding, the purchase offers are public  

In bidding, prospective buyers interested in the property can make offers online upwards from the debt-free starting price. The offers are available for everyone to see, so that others interested in the property can overbid their own offer if they wish.  

Offers for Sp-Koti’s bidding properties must always be submitted in writing, and they must be valid for at least 48 hours. The offer may also be conditional, but the seller of the property cannot make a counteroffer as in a traditional property sale. The seller may reject or accept the offer after it has been in force for at least 44 hours. 

The final selling price is determined on the basis of supply and demand, after the seller has made a decision whether to sell the item or to whom they will sell it, at what price, and on what terms.  

Are you interested in selling your home via Sp-Koti´s bidding service? Contact your nearest Sp-Koti(You will switch to another service).