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Expert forest holding brokerage everywhere in Finland

Did you know that Sp-Koti also provides comprehensive expert services for the sale and purchase of forest holdings? We have the best tools in the industry for evaluating forest holdings and for their successful trade.  

Now is an excellent time to sell forest land, as demand for it is growing rapidly in Finland. We sell your forest holding using a bidding period procedure that aims to guarantee the best possible price for your land. Get in touch to find out more! 

Are you selling a forest holding? 

If you are thinking about selling your forest holding and want to ensure a successful sale and the best possible price, please contact us. You can trust us to take care of the whole sales process that requires special expertise appropriately and safely.  

When you let us help you with the sale, you do not have to worry about the correct pricing or legislation related to the sale of your forest holding. We take responsibility for those things.  

Why don’t we put your forest holding up for sale right now – using a bidding period sales process that guarantees the best price? Get in touch with us! (You will switch to another service)

Are you thinking about buying a forest holding? 

We will help you find suitable holdings to buy, whether you are buying your first forest holding or expanding your existing one.   

There are several details related to the trading of forest land that require special expertise, and we have excellent command of these details. We will provide you with reliable expert assistance in finding forest holdings, visiting them and submitting bids. When you buy or sell a forest holding through us, you can count on a safe process that takes your best interests into account. 

Please contact us if you are thinking of buying a forest holding!