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Buying a property? Explore our properties 

A home is the most valuable life purchase for most of us. Therefore, it is not recommended to make a hasty purchase decision, but to carefully study the points of interest in advance together with a professional Sp-Koti real estate agent. This is the best way to avoid the risks associated with buying a property and to secure transactions that you will not have to regret afterwards. 

Let us help you find a new home or buy-to-let home. Contact your nearest Sp-Koti(You will switch to another service) and arrange an assessment visit! 

Sp-Koti has thousands of properties for sale across Finland  

Our wide selection of properties for sale includes all sizes and prices, from small studio apartments to family-sized terraced houses and idyllic detached houses. We have properties for sale across Finland – in cities, growth centres, and rural areas. 

Make a purchase order to help you find a new home 

The popular purchase order practice is also becoming more common in Finland. When you make a purchase order with an SP-Koti estate agent, they will find you a property that meets your individual search criteria and wishes – also directly from private home owners and those that are not for public sale. A purchase order does not bind you to make a transaction with us, even if a suitable target is found.  

What does Sp-Koti offer to property buyers? 

Minimising risks in property sales 

There are risks involved in property sales that you can minimize by employing the services of a real estate professional. Sp-Koti’s professional and experienced real estate agents ensure that condominium and real estate transactions will go smoothly and lawfully. It is our responsibility to ensure that all matters related to the transaction have been handled properly and in compliance with the law at the time of the transaction.  

We take care of the fulfilment of the obligations, responsibilities, and rights of both the buyer and the seller. We draw up the deeds of sale, arrange bank meetings, and take care of the collateral arrangements as well as any additional documents required in a timely manner.  

All our real estate agents are committed to adhere to the Good brokerage practice of the Federation of Real Estate Agency (KVKL). Due care, open flow of information, and reporting to both parties of the deal are things that we will not compromise in our work. 

When you make a home purchase with an Sp-Koti estate agent, you will avoid the unpleasant aftermath of the transaction. In the end, the agent’s fee is very low compared to, for example, settlement and litigation costs arising from real estate disputes. 

Loans on favourable terms from your local Savings Bank 

Sp-Koti and Savings Bank are close partners throughout Finland. We cooperate extensively and operate in the same premises in several locations. If you wish, you can get a competitive loan offer and a mortgage decision from your local Savings Bank faster than other banks.  

Savings Bank mortgages can be adjusted to suit your situation. If you wish, you can change the terms of the loan, agree on repayment-free months, and take out loan protection that protects your own finances and ability to pay interest from rising interest rates. 

Reliable help to make your dream home a reality 

Over 70 per cent of Finns live in a property they own. Owner-occupied housing is the most common form of housing in Finland. Your own home is not only an important safe haven, but also a relatively risk-free and safe way to prosper. Investing and saving in your own home makes economic sense, as each monthly loan repayment increases your own wealth, as opposed to paying rent.  

Please contact an Sp-Koti real estate agent when you are considering buying your own property. We will help you find a home that suits your needs and wishes, prepare a purchase offer, and make a successful and secure transaction.  

Many people don’t realize how much financial security their home can provide.