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Looking to rent a property? 

Did you know that Sp-Koti also sells properties for rent? Our professional real estate agents will help you find and choose a reliable tenant, find a new rental property according to your search criteria, and prepare a suitable rental agreement.  

An agent provides security for renting a property 

You save time and effort in your busy everyday life by using Sp-Koti’s rental agency service and letting our real estate professionals take care of renting your property. Sp-Koti’s estate agent will find reliable tenants for your property, check their credit information, and handle all the paperwork related to renting a property properly and reliably on your behalf.  

We will also assist you in finding a new rental property and preparing a rental agreement. We will go through the rental terms with you in detail, as well as your rights and obligations related to the rental property. With our help, you can also easily get comprehensive home insurance for your new rental property. 

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