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More options for finding a new home

Purchase assigments are popular all over the world and have also started to become more common with Finnish home sales.

Sp-Koti’s purchase assignments offer you excellent additional opportunities to find a new home that suits your needs and wishes.

When you make a purchase assignment agreement with an SP-Koti estate agent, they will search for properties that meet your criteria on your behalf. In a purchase assignment, the estate agent searches the desired area for properties at the street or housing company level, including properties that are not for public sale.

An Sp-Koti purchase assignment does not bind you to purchase a home through us. You can also look for a new home in the selection of other estate agents during the validity of the purchase assignment agreement. However, if your new home is found under a purchase assignment agreement, then you as the buyer will pay a commission on the home instead of the seller.

Purchase assignments are often also a unique opportunity for sellers

Many of our customers have found their dream home with a purchase assignment, where our estate agents search several different marketing channels and by various means for an apartment or a detached house that meets the customer’s criteria.

We typically contact the owners of apartments that are part of an interesting housing company or on the street of your choice. Many of them have not even considered selling their home before contacting us. If the owner of the apartment is interested in negotiating the sale of their apartment, we will take care of all the negotiations and the details of the home sale with them.

Home sales made through a purchase assignment are also in the seller’s interest. Selling a home is much easier and faster when you don’t have to put your home up for sale, pay an estate agent’s fee, and conduct multiple bidding negotiations.

Interested in finding a new home with an Sp-Koti purchase assignment?

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