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Home in Spain?

Sp-Koti chain has had its own offices in Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca for a long time. In addition to their strong local knowledge, our Finnish real estate agents have more than ten years of experience with the Spanish housing market, Spanish trade practices, and legislation concerning property sales.  

What kind of property are you looking for?
We will help you find the right one. 

Sp-Koti chain estate agents are working in Spain, not only in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca regions, but throughout Spain. Whether you are looking for a new or old property with a balcony on the beach, a city property, a villa with a pool, or a new property near a golf course, we will help you find the right one. 

If you want more information, contact the companies of the Sp-Koti chain in Spain

The Spanish way of buying and selling homes is different from the one in Finland 

You may not have known that Spanish trade practices and legislation on property sales differ significantly from those practiced in Finland. Which is why you should make use of competent and reliable Sp-Koti estate agents. They will ensure that no important details are overlooked in the transaction. 

In Spain, unlike in Finland, all property sales are real estate transactions. The buyer and seller have their own agents. And the notary always checks and confirms every transaction. 

You can also visit a Finnish school in Costa del Sol 

In addition to older people who have retired, an increasing number of young adults and families with children have moved to Spain’s Costa del Sol in search of a warmer climate, brighter winter months, and cheaper housing costs. The increase in remote work has enabled many Finnish families to move to sunny areas in Spain. Many young people have also moved to sunny areas for work.  

In Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, there are various high-class and popular international day-care centres and schools offering education in several languages. If you would like to know more about the schools in the area, please contact us!  

Primary school aged children and upper secondary school pupils are also offered education in Finnish. Costa del Sol is home to a Finnish school under the Ministry of Education, which follows the curriculum for basic and upper secondary education in Finland from pre-school age onwards. Located on the shores of the magnificent beaches in Costa Blanca, the Scandinavian school of Orihuela Costa also offers education in Finnish. 

Interested in entrepreneurship in Spain? Not a bad idea! 

There are hundreds of Finnish companies operating in the coastal regions of Spain that only do business in Spain or have relocated a part of their operations there. The number of Finnish entrepreneurs operating in the region is also constantly growing, as the demand for services in Finnish increases along with the Finnish community.